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The importance of packaging products such as woven belts for the new development direction of safety transportation enterprises
- 2017-06-29-

Safe Transportation Packaging Market competition is increasingly fierce, the main problem is the product homogeneity of serious, brutal price war to promote the industry's meager profit era. Topack as a woven belt packaging enterprises in the well-known enterprises to constantly adapt to changes in the market environment, in-house price, quality, spell service, focus more on all levels of attention, than cost management, energy saving, internal potential, than talent, logistics (capital, raw materials, finished products), information flow (technology, Market) and other market resources integration, than technical innovation, on-site management, etc., in order to deal with multidimensional, three-dimensional competition.

Topack packaging in order to calmly face the market economy, enterprises must have "three eyes": a focus on the mayor (macro-control), a focus on the market (customer demand), one to stare at the scene (on-site management). Packing Belt packaging industry on-site management of the specific tasks mainly include 8 aspects.

1, order-oriented, complete product variety, quality, production, cost, safety and other production indicators. Because the soft packaging material is "The volume is custom-made", confirms the different customer to the packing different request, represents the customer brand image, therefore does not have the interchangeability. If the quality is not up to the requirements, not only caused the product scrap, but also for the protection of packaging design patents increased investment.

2, control production costs, eliminate waste, the use of new technology, new technologies, extensive technical innovation and rationalization of activities to achieve lean production.

3, strengthen technical training, and continuously improve the technical business quality of personnel.

4, strengthen the quota management, reduce raw materials and energy consumption, promote timely procurement, reduce production reserves and capital occupation. For example, in the printing, dry and other processes in accordance with the order and process loss, carefully calculate the ink, adhesives and solvent requirements. In the process of extrusion, the calculation of the amount of grain required and so on.

5, optimize the professional management, improve the process, quality, equipment, planning, finance, security and other professional management assurance system, so that its coordination and strong, maximize the function.

6, strengthen the process control, the implementation of standardized management, strict implementation of product technology standards, quality management standards.

Topack packaging will uphold the above 6 points, and strive to do the machine ribbon industry leader.