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  • Polyester Fiber Flexible Packing belt

    Polyester Fiber Flexible Packing beltFlexible packaging belt, commonly known as flexible fiber packaging belt, fiber packing belt, polyester fiber packing belt, fiber packing belt, polyester fiber packing be...Read More

  • Wire packing deduction

    Wire packing deduction This type of packing is also called wire packing buckle, packing buckle, polyester packing strapping wire packing buckle, metal packing buckle, the ring packing bu...Read More

  • PET plastic strap

    PET plastic strap PET plastic packing tape, PET packing tape is a wide range of uses plastic packing, PET packing tape production in China has more than 20 years of history. ...Read More

  • Polyester woven packing tape

    Polyester woven packing tape TOPACK polyester woven packing tape is suitable for container goods, pallet goods and heavy machinery and equipment. The goods are bundled and fixed during transpo...Read More

  • The word package deduction

    The word package deduction Mesh buckle is a kind of high-strength forged packing buckle which is specially used with braided belt. It is forged by large machinery and can reach 5-12 tons of ...Read More

  • PET belt car

    PET belt car Belt drive is based on the actual needs of packaging design a packaged with portable devices, at this stage of the packaging has a very important role, and widely ...Read More