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The importance of woven belts in the event of an accident caused by the bundling of goods
- 2017-06-29-

Goods in the choice of strapping andWoven RibbonShould be based on their own characteristics of the goods, transport distance, weather conditions and other aspects of the selection of the most suitable strapping and packaging belt, so that not only can the goods tied securely, more importantly, the protection of goods and transport personnel safety played a key role. Here's a real story to learn from.

The accident on the evening of January 2, 2015 at the Suichang Expressway toll Station was a lesson. Because the goods strapped to the car, the result smashed the value of the expensive highway toll station equipment, and hurt their legs.

About 20:20 that night, a large truck with a Songyang license plate loaded with web material is being imported from the Suichang high speed, on duty when the card issuer suddenly found that the goods strapped to the car, loudly reminded the driver, but it was too late, the cylinder-shaped goods from the car have rolled down, The side of a toll booth smashed more than half a meter, a collision pillar was smashed to the ground into 45 ℃ angle.

At this time the driver heard the sound of the back, he stopped to see the situation, who just got off the bus did not walk a few steps, a heavy drum material from the car suddenly rolled down, on the spot he fell to the ground, the leg seriously injured, was immediately sent to hospital for treatment.

As for the toll station equipment loss, the staff said it is not easy to say, need to be further inspection and identification. It is understood that a toll booth in the value of the equipment generally amounted to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

High-speed traffic police said that due to the cargo strapped to the accident often occurred, I hope that the majority of drivers must learn from the car before, check carefully whether the goods are tied, and not only to lateral binding, vertical should also be fixed, especially cement bags, reel materials, such as easy to slip goods.

The weight of the goods is heavier, the quantity is more, the weather condition and the transportation section is not very ideal when polyester fiberDimensionWoven RibbonThis is a very good feature in this regard. Specific features are

Tensile strength:

High strength tensile force, can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tensile force, can replace the traditional steel belt.

High impact Resistance:

Due to its ductility and deformation resilience, polyester strapping can absorb shock energy better than steel strips and will not loosen after the goods have contracted or expanded.

High connection strength:

The strap is characterized by the connection of the steel buckle, is one of the most solid connection, and can be repeated tightening; in some applications, the package buckle can be reused.

Use security:

It is lightweight and soft, does not require gloves, and when it is cut it does not bounce off, hurting and transporting workers and customers, because of its soft texture, the use of tape is very easy to handle, no sharp corners, in the warehousing process will not damage forklift tires.

Do not hurt the product:

The flexible texture protects the product's surface from scratches.

Does not rust does not deteriorate:

Can withstand various climatic conditions change, will never stain your product.

Cost savings:

Considering all the hidden costs of the steel strip, the polyester woven ribbon is a very cost-saving option; The packaging tools cost less-just a simple tool, with little wear and low maintenance costs.