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The rise of polyester fiber packing belt with tradition and innovation
- 2017-06-29-

With the development of science and technology and the application of advanced technology, packaging materials have been developed rapidly. The development of the packaging industry led to the wire buckle,Woven RibbonThe development of the vast number of customers to provide a lot of previous packaging did not reflect the function. Packaging materials have a lot of properties and characteristics, packaging materials is the formation of commodity packaging material basis, is the packaging of all the functions of goods carrier, is the most basic element of the use value of commodity packaging. To study packaging, development packaging, we must start from the most basic elements.

The green packing material is the inevitable demand and the inevitable product which the human enters the human highly civilized, the world economy enters the high development, it is in the human request to maintain the living environment The Voice, in the world green Revolution tide emerges, is the irreversible inevitable development tendency. Therefore, it is of great significance for the benefit of mankind to study it seriously, master it and develop it.

Back in primitive times, humans have used natural materials that have not been processed or roughly processed as packaging materials or packaging containers. such as the use of animal leather made of skins, clay sintered pottery as a container, with rattan, bamboo basket made into baskets, wood into wooden cases, barrels and so on. In this period, the packaging is characterized by the material from the pure natural, processing is limited to the physical way of hand-made.

With the rise of industry, people began to use some industrial products as packaging materials, such as paper, metal sheet, glass and so on, through processing, so that the material directly into the packaging and packaging containers. This phase of the characteristics of the material is taken from the natural but processed by processing, such as paper to the wood, reed, etc. made of pulp, and then bleached, filtered into paper, and glass, metal through mining stone, smelting, and then further processing of timber, processing production mode is industrialized production.

The development of the Science of chemical synthesis in the the 1960s led to the proliferation of synthetic materials, so that a large number of plastic materials were used for packaging. Since then formed a clear demarcation line, the end of the packaging material completely natural state, and promote the industrialization of the production of packaging materials, the development of the modern four packaging pillar materials, namely, paper, glass, metal, plastic. The characteristic of this stage is that the raw material is taken from nature, but it can be used as packaging material after deep processing or one-step synthesis. Processing and production methods are completely modern industrial production mode.

With the rapid development of packaging industry, packaging materials rich and colorful, plastic packaging occupies a considerable proportion. Compared to other companies in the market, such as PP packing belt, pet woven belt, steel belt and other products polyester fiber packaging with a lot of advantages, not only in the product performance also in the protection of the environment also has a very good effect, but the development of plastic packaging with the resulting packaging waste and garbage more and more, difficult to govern, Pollution of the environment, endangering people's health. The world's green Revolution broke out. Green packaging originated in the 1987 United Nations Environment and Development Commission, "Our Common Future", also known as the Friends of the environment packaging, eco-packaging. It refers to the ecological environment and human health harmless, can be recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials.

Green Packaging research and development in the world rise, in a short period of time to explore results. such as light degradation, biodegradable materials, natural fiber packaging belt, natural shell-filled degradable materials, bio-synthetic materials appear successively. Further promote the development of green packaging. This stage is characterized by the use of advanced science and technology, the natural raw materials and synthetic materials together to make packaging materials, this material does not pollute the environment, can be recycled, but also environmental degradation back to nature, this is entirely the product of the High-tech era.

At present, topack in the field of green packaging active innovation and exploration, the original product polyester fiber packaging belt, slide pallet, bundled belt, container inflatable bags and other ancillary products have been in the industry has been the consensus in the protection of the environment has done a leading industry, but the company does not meet the current product structure, Want to be in the latest green packaging field to seize the opportunity to do the industry's best enterprise.