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The use of container inflatable bags
- 2017-08-10-

Container inflatable bag is an innovative and easy transportation protection tool, using PP and PE covered kraft paper as a tough outer bag and airtight high inner bag and assembly valve processing, container inflatable bag use, the inner bag Is to be made of PP or PE-based 5-layer arch film.

The use of inflatable bags: inflatable bags can effectively prevent the movement of goods in trucks, containers or rail transport. It fills the gap between the goods, supporting the weight of the goods shaking, absorb vibration, protect the goods from damage in transit.

2, cargo damage occurs during transport is the most common, the biggest cargo damage factor is the transport process from the front and rear or left and right direction of the collision between the goods caused by packaging damage.

3, choose the size of the inflatable bag: measure the size of the gap between the goods; measure the overall height of the stack of goods; measure the depth of the tray or the depth of the package size of the goods. The information is also submitted to the supplier so that the supplier can decide on the specification of the inflatable bag.

4, the need for protection: For normal use, if the goods are packed with sharp corners (such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc.) in the inflatable bag on both sides by adding corrugated cardboard or other flat sheet can effectively protect the inflated bag is not punctured.

The use of container inflatable bags

5, the use of inflatable bags required tools: air compressor, barometer.