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Container inflatable bag installation method
- 2017-08-11-

Container inflatable bag installation method

Container Inflatable Bags: The outer bag is made of PP and PE-coated kraft paper and is tough and firm with a 5-layer arch made of PE nylon membrane. One-way check valve Inflation or deflation, sealed solid, can withstand more than 7 tons of pressure. The utility model has the advantages of simple and quick usage, greatly saving packaging time, effectively reducing transportation cost, and being transported in containers; and trailers and trains can effectively prevent the cargo from being squeezed and collided during transportation.

Inflatable bags inflatable air compressors need to have an inflatable air gun, the same is not true, the following is the use of experience, we hope to be able to help.

First, the tools: air compressor, inflatable gun, inflatable tube one

Container inflatable bag installation method

Second, the use of container inflatable bags

1. Need to be equipped with an air compressor or pull out the high-pressure gas pipe from the workshop to directly assemble the ready-made inflatable gun.

2. Best practice It is my trick to pre-charge the bag with approximately 70% of the gas, depending on the size of the fill gap, before the container, which can also greatly increase the loading speed.

3. Also note that in normal use, if the goods are sharp (such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc.), the inflatable bag can be effectively protected from puncturing in the inflatable bag on both sides of the corrugated cardboard or other flat plate.

Three things to note

Note: Do not use inflatable bags between cargo and container doors to prevent any personal injury when opening the container door. The end of the container can be used for fixing other products - Polyester Extruded Composite Filament Tapes and Ties Buckles, Container Inflatable Bags Installation Method.