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The Development of Green Packaging Material Fibers
- 2017-06-29-

Shanghai Tong Pai Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. through extensive market research and data analysis and data collection on the development trend of fiber packing tape made some inferences.

The concept of green has long been rooted in the hearts of the people, relying solely on the product's price, quality and other single product features have been unable to meet the growing needs of consumers and businesses. At this stage, many countries in the world are conducting "biodegradable resin" to replace the existing market research on plastic packaging. Last year, Japan and Taiwan, the successful study of "corn starch resin" is a new type of green materials, with broad market prospects. The resin is made of corn, processed and plasticized, and the packaging material made from it can be disposed of by combustion, biodegradation and insect feeding to avoid the harm of "white pollution" and "plastic pollution". According to the information recently released by Taiwan Province, the quantity of plastic bags produced in Taiwan by using corn resin per tonne is almost the same as that of plastic pellets. According to Taiwan's plastic industry figures, about 100 million tons of plastic products are produced annually in the world , of which 30 million tons are disposable packaging materials . To solve the pollution caused by these materials, it takes a great social cost. If corn resin can successfully replace some of the packaging plastic, it is estimated that there will be a market worth $ 10 billion a year.  

At this stage of green packaging has not yet come into widespread use, the following aspects can also greatly reduce environmental pollution.

1, to avoid over-packaging  

The purpose of packaging is to protect the goods from damage, easy to transport, storage and consumer carrying, on the basis of nice, and is conducive to the sale of goods. Appropriate packaging is undoubtedly necessary, but also useful. But packaging that is overprinted with features such as protection, convenience, communication, and decorating shifts the pack to the other extreme. On the one hand, excessive packaging results in a waste of resources. Take the packing belt industry as an example, as commonly used pp, pet packing materials such as packaging, due to the weight bearing, often require multiple packaging operations, according to statistics show that developed countries use pp, pet and other materials packed with 30% , While our country accounts for 80% , making our country spend billions of yuan per year for packaging, if you switch to polyester fiber packing belt on the market today with rare environmental strapping, you can save 1/3 cost. On the other hand, over-packaging has caused serious environmental pollution. At present, the annual discharge of packaging waste in China has accounted for 1/3 of the weight of solid waste in cities, while the volume is even up to 1/2 , and the emission is increasing at an annual rate of 10% . In addition, over-packaging infringes upon the interests of consumers and at the same time undermines social interests. Over-packaging of the wind easily form a luxurious, exaggerated social atmosphere, is not conducive to the conservation-oriented society.  

2, material selection  

The choice of green packaging materials are almost all harmless to human health, the ecological environment has a good protective effect and recycling of packaging materials.   However, the current green packaging materials for the development prospects, far from the market demand back to the second polyester fiber packing tape has become the first choice, polyester fiber packing tape is not only environmentally friendly but also have this feature also In other areas have a strong advantage.

The main points are as follows

Rally strong:

High-strength tensile strength, can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tension, can replace the traditional strip.

High impact resistance:

Due to its ductility and post-warp recovery, polyester strapping absorbs impact energy better than strands and does not loosen when the goods shrink or expand.

High strength buckle:

The strapping features a steel buckle, the strongest connection and can be tightened repeatedly; in some applications, the buckle can be reused.

Safe to use:

is light and soft, does not require gloved work, does not bounce when it is sheared, and hampers carriers and customers; it is also very easy to handle because of its soft texture; sharp edges Angle, in the storage process will not damage forklift tires.

Do not hurt the product:

The pliable texture protects the surface of the product from scratches.

Do not rust does not degenerate:

Can withstand the changes of various climatic conditions, will never stain your product.

save costs:

Polyester strapping is a very cost-effective option given the hidden costs of all belts;
The cost of packaging tools is low - just a simple tool is needed, with minimal wear and low maintenance costs.

The necessity and positive significance of green packaging are mainly reflected in the following aspects: Green packaging can reduce environmental pollution and maintain ecological balance. If large quantities of non-degradable plastics are used, permanent rubbish will be formed and large amounts of harmful gases will be generated when it is burned. Resulting in carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbons; if the package uses a large amount of wood, it will undermine the ecological balance, so by adopting green packaging to protect the environment and maintain ecological balance. Green packaging conforms to the needs of the international trend of environmental protection Driven by the wave of green consumption, more and more consumers tend to buy environmentally friendly green products. Products with green packaging and a green logo are more easily accepted by foreign investors in foreign trade. Green packaging is the WTO and the requirements of the relevant trade agreements WTO agreement package of "trade and environment agreement", prompting businesses in all countries must produce products and packaging to meet the requirements of the environment. Green packaging is one of the important ways to bypass new barriers to trade The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has formulated the corresponding standard ISO14000 for the environment, which has become an important non-tariff barrier in international trade. In addition, in May 1993 , the European Community formally launched the "European Environmental Labeling." For the EU to obtain a green label for the imported goods, it must apply to its allies. Products without the green label will be greatly restricted to enter these countries .


Shanghai Tong Pai Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. will be the future development of the road to actively introduce and research and development of green packaging materials - fiber packing tape, so that the protection of the environment to do every step of the packaging.