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Packaging industry's new favorite professional production of various types of wire buckle and woven ribbon
- 2017-06-29-

Professional production of a variety of polyester fiber packaging belt, wire buckle, woven belt, packer, inflatable bags, forged eye button, such as all kinds of packaging materials products. Our products are made of 100% of raw materials, products for a long time without deformation. 100% High density polypropylene was used for injection molding. Polyester fiber strapping with high temperature, strong tensile strength, toughness, anti-corrosion, and other effects. High tensile strength can be large 1.5 tons of product sizes, depending on the actual requirements of customers. Provide to mold, incoming, to map processing, a variety of sizes of packaging buckle, packing belt! To color machinable, red, blue, white, green, yellow and other colors!

Main features of the product:

First, beautiful and durable: The company's production of all, packing belt are used polyester fiber preparation, gloss, feel good, the use of a long cycle.

Second, high strength: reasonable design structure, high tensile strength, belts, buttons toughness good, long time does not deform, not cracking!

Third, the product surface: screen printing, bronzing operations, OEM service! company logo, font size, graphics and so on!

Four, skid resistance:Wire buckle, woven beltThe use of square reinforcement shape, a variety of anti-skid design!

Five, the property is good: beautiful, light weight, non-slip, shockproof, impact resistance, easy to clean, not combustion, cold, heat, corrosion-resistant six, flammable, combustible goods, not near fire,

We believe that warm service and quality products will certainly bring you a different surprise.