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Durability of container Inflatable bags
- 2017-07-26-

Inflatable bags using High-strength kraft paper, pp woven bags, PE film made, container inflatable bag durability, to ensure the air tightness and durability.
Airbag is widely used in container transportation, can effectively protect the goods in the transport process, to avoid the goods caused by the collision between the various supporting goods and transport between the clearance, damage to the goods.
It can be used as cushion, caving, etc., especially suitable for pallet, whole board, Bulk cargo transportation logistics system tray and container cargo collapse, etc.
Container inflatable bags are widely used in containers, transport, trailers, trains, and other modes of transport, especially for pallets, board of Directors, bulk cargo transport, also used as a special goods container location, is the international freight transport of new green alternative log or foam rubber products, is becoming more and more popular in the world container filling.
Durability of container Inflatable bags
Advantages: It is better than any other auxiliary filler, when properly placed, there will be no gaps or uneven distribution;
It is more environmentally friendly than traditional fillers, such as Styrofoam;
Fast through the customs, save the company transportation warehousing costs.