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How to use container inflatable bag
- 2017-06-29-

Container inflatable bags use tips:

1. It is necessary to equip with an air compressor or pull out a high-pressure air pipe from the workshop and install it directly after the prepared air-filled gun.

2. Operation is best in advance of the container outside the filling gap according to the size of the air bag pre-filled with about 70% of the gas, which can also greatly improve the loading speed ( this is my trick , but generally not outsider Oh).

3. At the same time also pay attention to the normal use, if the goods are packed with sharp corners (such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc.), both sides of the container inflatable bag by adding corrugated cardboard or other flat plate , which can effectively protect the container inflatable bag is not Been punctured.

4. Avoid using poor quality inflatable bags , do not waste paper shredders or other inferior materials used to fill the gap in the container , if the filler is not good quality, they may not play a buffering effect;

5. Avoid leaving any gap between the container and the goods, if there is a gap, the product will be shaking in the meantime, making the gap bigger and bigger, resulting in the cushioning material will lose its efficacy, the product may be damaged;



Note: Do not use the inflatable bag between the cargo and the container door to prevent someone from getting hurt when opening the container door. The tail of the container can be fixed using another product - polyester extrusion composite fiber band and the band buckle.