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Polyester fiber packing tape
- 2017-06-29-

Tong Pai polyester fiber packing tape is made of polyethylene terephthalate as the main raw material. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material used in the world to replace steel tape and plastic tape. Widely used in containers, large machinery, military transport, glass oil drums, steel, wood, paper, chemicals and other industries packaging. It is M-type wire buckle for the connection, the design is extremely scientific and rational, not only the connection is solid, but also in the fastening state will never fall off skidding, greatly improving the efficiency of bundling and transport process and safety.

The use of polyester strapping tape requires only a single tensioner for single operation without the need for power, compressed air, pliers, ease of use and removal, high traversability and folding, and high efficiency

Polyester fiber packing tape from the environment, can work properly at 130 ° C, good corrosion resistance, can work in seawater.

Polyester fiber flexible packing tape can absorb the vibrations in the transportation, so as to ensure the goods have excellent impact resistance in the long-distance transportation, and can recover the memory pulling force without breaking, that is, absorbing the bigger impact than the steel packing tape Energy, rugged comparable to the strip, can withstand 0.5-2.6 tons of tension.

Tong Pai polyester fiber packing with safety, low cost, high efficiency, high temperature, moisture resistance, and beautiful.