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What are the advantages of container inflatable bags
- 2017-06-29-

What are the advantages of container inflatable bags

Compared with the traditional buffer packaging container inflatable bags, has the following advantages

1, save money: you can save for the expensive expenses of similar products.

2, tailor-made: according to the specifications of goods tailored to make the protection more perfect.

3, environmental protection and energy saving: Correct use, this product can be reused, that is environmentally friendly and save your costs.

4, cargo security: full fill the gap between the goods, supporting the weight of the goods due to shaking, absorb vibration, to protect the goods from damage in transit.

5, fast customs clearance: save the company's transportation and storage costs.

6, increase the speed: packing one-way check valve inflation or deflation operation more quickly.

Tong Pai since its inception, has been adhering to the green, eco-business philosophy. Focus on the development of lightweight, inexpensive to replace other bulky and easy to cause environmental pollution packaging materials. Leading products: container filled bags, slip pallets, paper tray, plastic sliding tray, paper angle, paper tray, packing tape, desiccant containers and other export goods transport packaging materials, to provide high quality, environmental protection, Economic and practical products and services, will be cumbersome fumigation and quarantine inspection procedures omitted, to speed up the export clearance. With economic, convenient, green and so on.

Container inflatable bag selection method:

Measurement of the gap between the size of the goods.

Measure the overall height of the stack of goods.

Measure the depth of the pallet or the package size.

Our professional service staff can help you make the packing design and product selection, with you to complete the first packing test.

For normal use, corrugated cardboard or other flat sheets on both sides of the container inflatable bag can effectively protect the inflatable paper bag from being punched if the goods are packed with sharp corners (such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc.).

Be sure to tighten the air valve before use.


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