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Choose polyester fiber packing with seven reasons
- 2017-06-29-

At present, many types of strapping in the country, polyester strapping with PP belt, pet belt, compared with plastic strip has many advantages. Polyester straps are made from high-strength polyester and are flexible and widely used in shipping safety packaging due to their special texture, softness and toughness, as well as super-tensile strength.

Polyester fiber packing tape with the seven most important advantages,

High impact resistance:

Polyester fiber strapping Because of its unique characteristics and its ductility and deformation after the recovery and other characteristics, polyester fiber strap can absorb the impact energy better than the strip, and does not change after the goods shrink or expansion loose.

Rally strong:

Polyester fiber straps with ultra-high tensile strength, can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tension, and can replace the traditional steel belt and other bundles.

High strength buckle:

Polyester straps feature a steel snap connection, the strongest connection and can be tightened repeatedly; in some applications, the straps can be reused.

save costs:

Polyester strapping is a very cost-effective option given the hidden costs of all belts;
The cost of packaging tools is low - just a simple tool is needed, with minimal wear and low maintenance costs.

Safe to use:

Polyester fiber straps are lightweight and soft, do not require gloved work, do not bounce off as it is cut, injure carriers and customers,

Because of its soft texture, used tape is also very easy to handle; there is no sharp corners in the storage process will not damage forklift tires.

Do not hurt the product:

Polyester Felt Tape The pliable texture protects the surface of the product from scratches.

Do not rust does not degenerate:

Polyester strap can withstand the changes of a variety of climatic conditions, will never stain your product.