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Topack teach you how to choose the right wire buckle
- 2017-06-29-

Polyester fiber packaging belt in use when the need to support the use of special wire buckle, if the use of other products at will not only the button, but can not play the polyester fiber packing belt of high-strength tensile characteristics also because of the flexible packaging with the button does not match the fixed so that can not be very good to complete the packaging and Therefore, in the selection of polyester fiber packaging belt must be at the same time with customer service and sales staff to explain the situation of the sales staff will be based on the specific polyester fiber packaging belt product model and packaged product weight, volume, weather factors to give you an optimal product mix.

Fiber packaging buckle also known as steel wire packaging buckle, back-shaped buckle is made of steel wire, according to the scientific physical and mechanical design of adequate to meet the needs of most of the heavy weight, packaging buckle not only have the above characteristics. But also have simple operation, can be used for large objects of strapping, such as: wood, steel, stone and so on, tensile strength, after a variety of tensile testing to determine the maximum tensile force of this model 1000Kg, wide range of applications can be applied to a variety of material types such as packaging belt characteristics.

Selection techniques for packing buckles

One, according to the size of the choice, because we packed some of the items are very small, so according to the size of the items to choose.

Second, the choice of good packing buckle, because the production process and technology differences, resulting in the quality gap, poor quality is prone to fracture. When we choose, it is best to choose those products which are smooth, fine workmanship and flawless.

Third, the material choice, we now use the material mainly has three kinds: the plastic, the steel, the iron sheet. We can make decisions based on the things we want to pack, the packing belts, and so on.