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Flexible packing tape
- 2017-06-29-

Flexible packing tape performance:

tensile strength, to replace the traditional steel banding method, the use of safety, will not scratch the packaging; has good ability to maintain tension and memory, lay a good package after a long time without relaxation; can withstand 0.5 ~ 8.5 tons of tension. Polyester fiber flexible straps, straps are approved by the American Railroad Association (AAR) and the European Railways Organization (RIV).

product description:

Flexible polyester strapping is made of multi-strand polymeric polyester fibers. For the scattered goods combined into a whole.


1, high-strength tensile strength, to replace the traditional way of steel banding.

2, light and flexible.

3, has a good ability to keep tightening and memory, lay a long time after packaging is not slack, effectively absorbing the vibration in transit, thus ensuring the long-distance goods with excellent impact resistance.

4, the use of safe, good flexibility, will not scratch the packaging, but also not hurt, no special tools needed to cut, even if the bundle is very tight, it will not hurt when cut.

5, will not rust or corrosion.

6, easy to use and quick.

7, can withstand 0.3 ~ 2.3 tons of tension.

Flexible packing with production equipment configuration:

Plastic Extruder (Host / Vice), Cooling Water Tank, Oven, Traction Embossing Unit, Tape Reel.

1, flexible packing belt main production line drive by the speed motor, reducer, sleeve composition. Molding part by the screw barrel, head, die composition. The raw material is heated to extrude the embryo through the hopper to the screw barrel. Temperature control fuselage first paragraph - 120 degrees, the second paragraph - 170 degrees, the third paragraph - 220 degrees, nose 250-280 degrees.

2, flexible packing belt under the water tank on the main and auxiliary die early embryo cooling stereotypes. With the material out of the head after the high temperature, to immediately enter the water cooling, because the isotactic polypropylene in the case of quenching is easy to generate brewing crystal structure, brewing crystal molecular structure more loose. Easy to stretch orientation, access to high-quality products. Packaging Belt cooling water production line temperature is generally controlled at 30-40 degrees, with a production line die-packing distance from the water surface is 15-45 mm is appropriate.

3, flexible packaging with the first production line traction motor speed, reducer, chain drive, traction roller. It is the shape of the initial embryo transfer to the oven.

4, flexible packing belt production line under the second oven for easy stretching; the purpose of stretching is to improve the longitudinal strength of the packing tape to reduce the elongation. Strapping with the production line on the oven three times to eliminate heat stress tensile stress; after the tank to eliminate thermal stress stereotypes.

5, flexible packing belt production line Embossing machine transmission is speed motor through belt drive, chain drive, gear drive to the second traction, to the embossing, to the third traction. a, the second traction will be the second heat of the embryo by stretching the rod again stretch forming, while feeding to the embossing roll; b, stretch the strapping through the two patterned roller, it is pressed on the pattern , Its role is to increase the friction in use, do not slippery, elegant appearance from the point of view. Through the embossing roller on the surface of the product after embossing to the water tank or on the oven; c, strapping production line through the third traction tank will be delivered to the shape of the tape machine.

6, flexible packing belt production line drive belt drive motor speed control, chain transmission were passed to the tape spool and travel bar. It is a qualified product rolling into a predetermined shape, the quality of the provisions of a single product.