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Advantages of flexible fiber packing belt
- 2017-06-29-

At present the packing belt market mostly is the PP belt, the pet belt, the steel belt and so on packing belt product, because the raw material is ordinary and the production process is simple. So that these packaging belt products in the tensile strength, toughness, protection products, easy to operate more or less all kinds of defects.

and the flexible fiber packing belt chooses the market more expensive import raw material as well as uses the advanced Japanese production line and the technology, causes the product in the tensile force, the toughness, protects the product, Easy to operate with strong product performance advantages coupled with PAI staff to improve the work attitude makes the product quality compared to similar flexible fiber packaging products have a lot of advantages.

Here are the main reasons why the flexible fiber packing belt has such advantages in the packing belt market.

High impact Resistance:

Flexible fiber packaging belt because of its unique characteristics and its ductility and deformation of the recovery, and so on, flexible fiber packaging belt can better absorb the impact energy than the steel belt, and in the cargo shrinkage or expansion will not become loose.

Tensile strength:

Flexible fiber packaging with ultra-high tensile strength, can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of pull, and can replace the traditional steel belt and other binding belt.

High connection strength:

Flexible fiber packaging belt is characterized by the connection of steel buckle, is one of the most solid connection, and can be repeated tightening; in some applications, the package buckle can be reused.

Cost savings:

Considering the implied cost of all steel belts, polyester strapping is a very cost-saving option;
Low cost of packaging tools-just need a simple tool, and wear small, low maintenance costs.

Use security:

Flexible fiber packaging with light weight and soft, do not need to wear gloves work, when it was cut off will not open, injury and transport workers and customers;

Because of its soft texture, used tapes are also very easy to handle, without sharp corners, in the warehousing process will not damage the forklift tires.

Do not hurt the product:

Flexible fiber packaging with a flexible texture can protect the surface of the product from scratches.

Does not rust does not deteriorate:

Flexible fiber packaging belt can withstand a variety of climatic conditions change, will never stain your product.

Compared with so many advantages of flexible fiber packaging belt price is understandable, the majority of customer friends should be based on their own products and transport conditions and weather changes to consider the choice of packaging belt products, in valuables and heavy goods to choose the flexible fiber packaging belt is the most correct, it can better protect your products from damage.


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