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Heavy braid function and advantages
- 2017-09-15-

Heavy weaving in addition to ordinary life as a subsidiary body there is a special function. In fact, not only as clothing, daily necessities to use, under special circumstances, a special type of braid can be used as self-help. When a heavy weaving band is in an emergency in water, the first pathfinder needs to keep passing. In this case, the webbing can be used to make the seatbelt, and the long end of the main maintainer holding the tether remains in the upstream direction of the river. Auxiliary maintenance and pathfinder maintenance in the same plane with another rope. Under some steep terrain conditions, a person's burden control and a simple seat belt help solve the problem when mainly locked to a tree or other column. Using this method and adding half of Italy's deduction, cooperation can be easily ended. Braided belt is a kind of professional ropes, this skill is the basic necessities of "clothing", weaving knitting closely woven, weaving has a unique function, how to use braided weaving can be said that made great progress. Heavy braid function and advantages
1. High strength: can replace the use of steel, it has many advantages over steel. It can absorb the vibrations during transportation, so as to ensure the goods have excellent impact resistance in long-distance transportation.
2. For temperature and climate: heavy braid will not rust, the use of a wide temperature range (normal work can be -40 ~ 130 ℃). Therefore, the use of heavy braid will not be affected by the environment.
3. Security: lighter than the same bar, easy to operate. Heavy duty braids are popular with customers and users because it is not. Workers often scratch the steel when packed in steel.
4. Environmental Protection: Braid can be recycled most of the same plastic recycling. Easy to use, do not occupy the place.
5. High efficiency: The use of heavy duty braids is much more efficient and less wasteful than belts. The use of heavy braid does not consider the storage capacity, safety factor and other issues.
6. Others: No distortion; safe to use and remove; through height folding and folding.

Heavy braid function and advantages

Heavy-duty braid is also relatively mixed in the production process, which is characterized by the bobbin tube, weft weft pipe, inserted into the knitting machine fixed tooth seat, weft pipe along the 8-shaped track to the traction yarn cross each other. Old China began to use the composition, the number of spindles due to different equipment, generally between 9 ~ 100, the basic process of weaving: dyeing - weft knitting machine - cutting packaging. Peach plate diameter enlarge, install broken rubber automatic parking device, iron ingot to nylon spindle. The improvement of these devices, product quality greatly improved. Weaving can not only bring, but also woven rope. Tubular belts are braided ropes, ropes or ropes that are 1 to 4 cm in diameter and are larger than 4 cm in diameter, also called ropes, with diameters greater than 40 cm, commonly referred to as cables or cables. In recent years, manufacturing processes continue to upgrade, continuous improvement.

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