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Flexible packing tape production principle
- 2017-10-13-

Flexible packing tape is the best system to solve the fixed goods, not only safe and convenient, but also because of its flexible features, it can be used in different regions and various environments. High strength tensile strength, to replace the traditional steel banding method, safe to use, will not scratch the packaging; have a good sense of tension to maintain the ability and memory, playing for a long time, the bag does not loosen; can withstand 0.5 to 8.5 tons The rebound. Flexible packing tape production principle
1, flexible packaging with the main production line and auxiliary drive by the speed motor, reducer, sleeve composition. Forming part of the screw, nose, mold. The raw material is extruded through a hopper into a screw barrel to extrude the main embryo. Temperature control The first paragraph of the fuselage - 120 degrees, the second paragraph - 170 degrees, the third paragraph - 202 degrees, the first 250-280 degrees.
2, flexible packing belt production line under the main auxiliary mode of embryo cooling stereotypes. As the material's head heats up, water is immediately cooled down, as isotactic polypropylene tends to produce brewed crystal structures when quenched and the brewed crystals have a more molecular structure. Easy to stretch orientation, access to high-quality products. Packing belt production line cooling water temperature is generally controlled at 30-40 degrees, packing belt production line mold distance from the water surface is 15-45 mm is appropriate.
3, flexible packaging with the first production line traction motor speed, reducer, chain drive, traction roller composition. This is when the shaped embryo is delivered to the oven.
4, flexible packing belt production line under the oven for the second convenient heating; stretching is to improve the longitudinal strength of the belt to reduce the elongation. Strapping tape production line oven three times to eliminate tensile stress; water tank to eliminate the stereotype of thermal stress.
5, flexible packing belt production line Embossing machine driven by the belt drive, the chain drive, the gear drive to the second traction speed motor, to the embossing, to the third traction. a, the second traction is through the stretch rod on the original embryo secondary heating, for re-stretch forming, and transported to the embossing roll; b, stretch the belt after the two with a pressure roller pattern, it was Pressure on the pattern, its role is to increase the use of friction, do not slip, look good from the outside. Through the embossed product on the surface after the embossing roll to the water tank or oven; c, strapping production line through the third traction to form the tank to the conveyor belt.
6, flexible packaging belt production line Belt drive is driven by belt speed motor, the chain drive is delivered to the reeling shaft and travel bar. It is the shape of a conforming product that is wound and defines the quality of a single product.
Flexible packing tape production principle
Flexible packing tape made of high-strength filament yarn. With high tensile strength, impact resistance, surface protection bundled goods, simple operation and so on. Widely used in the transport of goods packaging, container fastening, surface goods bundling, surface coating equipment bundles, military equipment transport fastening, air cargo bundling, oil and gas pipeline reinforcement, composite pressure vessel reinforcement, construction, civil engineering reinforcement, disaster relief. In particular, the binding operation is easy, the use of simple buckle, no energy without any auxiliary tools can tie knot, the application environment is very wide, very suitable for the military field and disaster relief. The product range is 6mm to 35mm and the tensile strength is 560kg to 1600kg. It can be specially customized, wider and more powerful. Other fibers or special fibers can also be used instead of the internal fibers to achieve and fulfill different purposes. Ordinary "ribbon" is white, you can also produce different colors of tape according to user requirements, and in the tape surface to add a variety of anti-aging agents and printed text and trademarks. At present, China has long been the world's chemical fiber production power and the world's high-strength industrial wire productivity. Relying on this basic condition, domestic "ribbons" have unparalleled advantages in performance and price.