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Polyester fiber packing belt advantages
- 2017-10-13-

Polyester fiber strapping is based on polyethylene terephthalate as the main raw material, after finishing, is the world's alternative to the use of new environmentally friendly packaging materials. Chemical, mechanical, wood, medical, glass, aluminum ingots, steel, paper, precision instruments and other industries more and more widely used. Polyester fiber straps with M-shaped steel buckle to connect, in a reasonable design, not only firmly connected, but also in the fastening state will not fall off, greatly improving the efficiency of bundling and transport process and safety, polyester fiber The advantages of strapping
1, Rally strong: high tensile strength, can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tension, can replace the traditional steel.
2, impact resistance: due to its ductility and deformation recovery, the fiber can absorb the energy than the impact of the better, and contraction or expansion of goods will not be loose. Lay a good package can not be a long time to relax and effectively absorb the vibration in transit, so as to ensure that the goods in the long-distance transport with excellent impact resistance,
3, security: light and soft, no gloves; when the cut will not bounce, hurt the transport workers and customers. Because of its soft texture, the tape is not only very easy to handle and soft texture, but also protect the surface of the product from scratches.
4, high-strength buckle: Fiber packing belt is characterized by connecting steel buckle, is one of the most solid connection, can be repeatedly tightened; in some applications, the deduction can be reused package.
5, no rust does not degenerate: Fibers packaged with a variety of weather conditions can withstand changes can be carried out below 130 ℃, good corrosion resistance, but also work in the sea, will not pollute your product.
6, low cost: low cost packaging tools, only a simple tool, and wear a small, low maintenance costs.
Polyester fiber packing belt advantages
Polyester strapping is made of multi-strand polymeric polyester. Because of its high technical performance and performance advantages compared with traditional steel, to ensure the safety of products in the road, rail and sea transport, polyester fiber packing tape is the best choice for the logistics industry today. The advantages of polyester strapping tape over steel strapping. The shaded portion represents the impact energy absorbed by the tape that is packaged before each break. Polyester strapping absorbs more impact energy than steel straps in the case of continuous columns. In the transport process, the strap always maintain the tension of the goods is very important. Compared with the PP packaging tape, flexible fiber packing tape with much less attenuation.