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The advantages of the use of container inflatable bags
- 2017-09-04-

Container Inflatable Bag As a creative and practical product, the application of inflatable bag container (fast ear, which is closely related with its huge demand and simple processing method, is formed after the double-film inflated cushioning balloon, the balloon is to protect The best product from collision and extrusion of goods. The latest research and development of container inflatable bags can be divided into two parts, the exterior is kraft paper, with a certain nature of the protective shell, this special kraft paper manufacturing and PE material mixing, Greatly improve the compressive strength and flexibility of the container inflatable bags, so that with the super-protective container inflatable bag cushion structure. The advantages of the use of container inflatable bags

The double-layer structure of the airbag inflatable bag, airbags (such as the bladder (plastic bag) added a thick armor, although only look at the same layer, and kraft paper, but its compressive strength is the same physical effect equivalent to three Layer kraft paper, now the container inflatable bag can be patented technology with five layers of co-extruded nylon membrane technology to greatly enhance the reliability of the inflatable bag container Now easy to use airbags everywhere, is the use of gas port to set the single-phase air leakage resistance, this Due to its flexible bag of compressed air (which allows it to be adapted to almost any express delivery, if it is smooth), the structure prevents leakage of the air bag during the gas process and does not require the provision of a strapping section or closed air cap. Edge objects, direct airbag between the container and the packaging, and acute angles, just add a layer of filler to prevent the air bag from being damaged as usual.

Container inflatable bags, first used by some developed countries such as Europe and the United States, are often used as auxiliary transportation materials for containers. Mainly divided into the following types of airbags, is a kraft paper, the other is a woven fabric, the second is better than the first, in the use of the number of cycles, is widely used as container transport of materials .

The advantages of the use of container inflatable bags

First, the material of the container inflatable bag
Often made from high-strength kraft paper, and some made from PP woven bags, the outer package looks like a kraft paper from outside the container inflatable bag, but in the production process there are some special processes which consist of high quality Raw material handling, or high strength, this material is equal to three layers of kraft paper production of foreign products. Container airbag is the only airbag The inner bag made of seven layer co-extruded nylon membrane (PA) special process, and the one-way check valve container inflatable bag can effectively prevent gas leakage after the internal filling gas prevention and control , And some special designs that will not break the container inflatable bag during the sprint. And may stick to the staff harm.

Second, the advantages of container inflatable bags
1. It saves money and is customizable. It can be well protected.
2. Can improve the speed of container transport, cost savings, reduce costs.
3. To ensure the safety of the goods.

Third, the impact of container inflatable bags
Under the same conditions of transport and loading speed, there is more merit in using fill air than the material without the wrapper because the former is more pressure while the latter can rise to about 40% and the front deforms larger , While the latter has a particularly excellent compression performance, which greatly reduces the effect of damping, but also a certain degree of protection of the goods.