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Filling bag equipment features
- 2017-08-24-

Many people use bag filling equipment to prevent shock, impact and abrasion resistance, and aware that the demand for human beings is constantly improving. Therefore, the products of bag filling equipment are continuously improving with the development of science and technology. Not only has the performance changed a lot, but it has been getting more and more satisfactory. With the latest products in the market widely used, its protective effect is unshakable, but when using the bag filling equipment, also need to pay attention to some problems. Filling bag equipment features

1. There is not much gas in the filling bag device.
Generally simple to think that this bag is well filled with gas inside the bag of equipment is more full, the better, but the idea is wrong, when filling the bag of gas equipment to reach saturation, the buffer performance of this period is the best If the gas increases, the invisible pressure to fill the bag device increases significantly, so even without using the internal pressure during the process, to some extent the buffer gas pack itself. Too many gas pockets can be used for blasting, which is dangerous.

2. Bag filled equipment should not be exposed to the sun
Why is the filling bag equipment not exposed to the sun? In fact it is about chemical changes, a substance-filled bag of internal equipment in the strong solar radiation, will produce another substance, and is easily oxidized by the oxygen in the air, If you experience multiple touches, then filling bag color equipment tends to appear first, slowly becoming brittle and with a little bit of effort to rupture the gas bag. Therefore, users should be careful not to let the bag in the sun when using the bag filling equipment, which is also a good way to protect the air bag.

Filling bag equipment features

3. In strong alkali transport, do not use the bag filling equipment
Although the stuffing bag equipment is very powerful and is used by many transport industries, it is important to note that it is not possible to use a stuffing bag on a solid foundation. Because these chemicals can be used because of PH> 7, if these materials leak in transit and encounter the equipment that fills the bag, the bag material can be resolved within a short period of time, causing the bag to break, so the user is in good use , We must take full account of the nature of the product will affect the cushioning packaging materials. Filling bag equipment product development can not be separated from the progress of science and technology. Today's products are different, many industries use them. But that does not mean it can be easily installed and used, but it should be done with the correct instructions!