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Polyester Fiber Flexible Packing belt

Flexible packaging belt, commonly known as flexible fiber packaging belt, fiber packing belt, polyester fiber packing belt, fiber packing belt, polyester fiber packing belt, polyester fiber bundle belt, pet polyester fiber packing belt, flexible belt, high-strength fiber packing belt, polyester ribbon flexible belt, high-strength fiber packing belt, polyester fiber belt, Polyester binding belt is widely used in the storage and transportation of products, with convenient, efficient, environmental characteristics. To promote green and environmental protection, keep up with the development of new materials and technical requirements to adapt to rapid commodity inspection rapid logistics, without prejudice to the needs of long-distance transmission

Product Details

Product Introduction:

TopackPolyester Fiber Packing Belt, bundled with a number of polymer polyester fiber prepared. For the integration of dispersed goods into a whole, in the world's similar products in the market occupies more than 75% of the share.

Polyester fiber Flexible Packing belt specifications:

Polyester flexibilityFiberProduct advantages of Packing belt:

High tensile strength, instead of the traditional steel banding method.

Elastic ductility and resilience.

With good tension and retention ability and memory, after a long period of time does not relax, effectively absorb the vibration in transport, so as to ensure that the goods in long-distance with excellent impact resistance.

The use of safety, flexibility is good, will not scratch the packaging will not hurt the hand, cut off without special tools, even if the bundle is very tight, cut open will not hurt people.

will not rust or corrode.

Even if the tape is partially cut off, the tape will not be disconnected as a whole.

It can be treated as common industrial waste easily.

Save customers the extra cost of damage.

can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of pull.

Different color polyester Fiber packing belt

At present, Tong Pai has produced white, red, green, black fiber packing belt. Other colors can be customized, starting order to meet the order quantity.

Polyester fiber Flexible Packing belt application:

Pass PAI Polyester Fiber packing belt supporting the use of steel wire packing buckle effectiveTo solve the container tail reinforcement, metal industry, steel pipe materials, paper, chemical and other industries safe transportation, a great degree of protection of transport goods